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Welcome to the Web page for Kevin Grandfield!

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Hopper Book-Blog Launched!

Kevin's Edward Hopper book-blog Hunting Nighthawks: On the Road with Edward Hopper will be posted at http://huntingnighthawks.blogspot.com/ beginning September 15, 2008. I hope you'll read the blog and encourage others to do the same. Thanks for your support. Click here to read the blog-book.

If you are looking to use Kevin's wide array of freelance literary services, including editing and writing, click here for www.kevingrandfield.com.
If not, you're probably here to learn more about Kevin's creative writing or genealogy . Just click on the links in that sentence, and you will be whisked to where you want to go.
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About Kevin

Kevin holds an M.F.A. in Writing and has nearly 20 years of experience editing every type of work from entire medical textbooks to single poems.

Kevin has published more than 200 reviews, stories, features, and poems. He won a position as an Artist-in-Residence at Chicago's Cliff Dwellers arts club, and his work has been nominated for the Spirit That Moves Us Press Editors' Awards. He is currently working on a book about the paintings of Edward Hopper. Click here to read an excerpt that appeared in Southern Indiana Review.

To read a published piece about Kevin's adventures aboard the Moscow Metro, click here. And click here to view a published piece about Kevin's high school classmate who was a founding member of Chicago's innovative Lookingglass Theatre.

Kevin also just began his second-ever novel. A list of other updates and previous writings can be found on his Creative Writing page.

Read Kevin's blogs at http://huntingnighthawks.blogspot.com/ or http://hopperguy.wordpress.com.

E-mail Kevin at hopperguy@yahoo.com to receive updates or stay in touch.


Kevin also has amassed a database of more than 5,000 people with the last name of Grandfield or Granfield and their relatives. Click here for Kevin's Grandfield genealogy page.

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